Annual EU Food Safety Statistics* :

23 Million





of fatalities are under 5 years old.

*based on data from World Health Organisation (WHO).

All of these cases could be reduced or eliminated by improving food safety.

Temperature Excursions

Temperature excursions happen. Whether caused by door openings, incorrect loading practices, or TRU setup errors (setpoint, operating mode), temperature excursions can occur at any step along the cold chain.

But how has product quality been affected?

Are the goods safe to sell onto customers?

Could pathogens have grown to critical levels?

How can Hemdahl help?

Hemdahl is a powerful data analytics tool that provides actionable insights to protect your shipments. We provide your food safety personnel with a comprehensive risk analysis tool for each stage of your cargo’s journey through the cold chain.

Improve Product Quality

We analyze shelf life, chilling injury and freezing injury.

Improve Product Safety

Our pathogen growth modelling provides a unique insight into the safety of your produce.

Improve Operational Practices

Highlight and eliminate incorrect setpoint, incorrect TRU setup, and poor loading practices.

"Our goal is to put a revolutionary data analytics resource into the hands of every food safety director, so they can proactively manage product risk in the cold chain."

Karl Lusted


Protect across all transport modes:




Hemdahl can analyze all the temperature data along your supply chain.


Hemdahl receive Cool Logistics Award

Hemdahl received the coveted 'Highly Commended' Award for Innovation in Perishable Logistics at the recent Cool Logistics Global Conference.
The award recognises the hard work and innovation of the Hemdahl team in creating a solution to improve quality and safety of perishable cargo in the cold chain.
Find out more about the Cool Logistics Global Conference here.

Hemdahl launch Food Safety Solution

Hemdahl have launched their new data analytics platform for companies who care about food safety. By analyzing existing cold-chain data, Hemdahl provides unique and insightful analysis into the safety of perishable foods.

Hemdahl release mobile app for Food Safety Professionals

Hemdahl have released a new companion mobile app in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The Hemdahl Food Safety app is a great companion tool for anyone involved in shipping and storing perishable produce. It provides essential data on most common produce, including recommended setpoint, humidity, ethylene sensitivity, shelf life, and more.

Download now from the App Store or the Play Store.

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