Using a combination of data integration, advanced data analytics, and an AI engine, we deliver unique insights into the safety of your perishable cargo.

How It Works

The Hemdahl analytics system obtains data from your telematics system and Transport Management System (TMS), and calculates the effect of real-world storage conditions on your perishable cargo.

Advanced data analysis is performed using an AI engine to determine the effect that storage conditions had on quality and safety of your products.

Several different areas of risk are analysed in order to determine the overall risk level for your cargo.

Powerful Analytics

Setpoint Analysis

By analyzing the setpoint data and comparing against a database of recommended produce setpoints, we can determine if the correct setpoint was used for the trip. The analysis also captures the number of setpoint changes (an indicator of poor/conflicting process control), and an overall risk factor for setpoint management is calculated.

Setpoint Analysis

Temperature Excursion Analysis

Temperature is the greatest factor affecting the shelf life of fresh, chilled, and frozen products. We analyze the temperature data to determine the number of temperature excursions, duration, and severity. An overall risk factor score for temperature excursions is calculated.

Temperature Excursions

Shelf Life Analysis

Product shelf life can be greatly affected by poor temperature management during storage and transportation. Our unique analysis calculates the reduction in product shelf life due to the actual conditions of storage and transport. Using the latest mathematical models from the scientific community, we determine the effect on remaining shelf life, and calculate the risk factor for shelf life reduction. For vaccines, we also calculate the antigenicity (recoverable antigen percentage) based on the temperature data in transit.

Shelf Life Analysis

Data Gap Analysis

Missing data highlights potential issues with dataloggers, telematics equipment, and back-end IT systems. Left unresolved, missing data presents a threat to your business, as the very data you need to provide proof of cold-chain compliance may be missing when you need it most. Our analysis highlights any issues with gaps in your data, and calculates a risk factor for the load based on the quantity and duration of missing data.

Data Gap Analysis

Chilling Injury Analysis [Food Produce]

Chilling injury can damage product quality, and even render some products unfit for sale. Chilling injury susceptibility varies per product. Our extensive analysis determines the extent of chilling injury for each load, based on product shipped, extent and duration of exposure to temperatures low enough to cause chilling injury. An overall Chilling Injury (CI) Index is calcuated, and a risk factor for chilling injury is calculated.

Chilling Injury Analysis

Freezing Injury Analysis [Food Produce]

Freezing injury can damage product quality, and even render some products unfit for sale. Some products are more senitive to freezing injury than others. Our extensive analysis determines the extent of freezing injury for each load, based on product shipped, extent and duration of exposure to temperatures low enough to cause freezing injury. An overall Freezing Injury (CI) Index is calcuated, and a risk factor for freezing injury is calculated.

Freezing Injury Analysis

Pathogen Growth Projection [Food Produce]

Pathogens grow at different rates in different environments, and temperature is a huge factor in pathogen growth rates. Using the lastest pathogen growth models and actual storage temperature data, we determine the projected pathogen population present in each of the products. A risk factor is also calculated, based on projected pathogen population and existing standards for safe levels of various pathogens.

Pathogen Growth Projection

Overall Product Risk

Based on each of the analyses performed on the data, an overall product risk is calculated. The overall risk provides an indication of the level of risk to product quality and safety - based on the environmental conditions under which the product was stored. If the cargo is assessed to have a high product risk then corrective action needs to be taken.

Overall Product Risk

Product Database

Our online product database contains key storage parameters and recommendations for the most common temperature-sensitive cargo. Organised by category, this online resource is an invaluable guide for logistics professionals. Including key parameters such as recommended temperature, humidity, ethylene sensitivity, and shelf life, it ensures that you always know exactly how to maximise product quality and safety.

Apple Storage Parameters

Lettuce Storage Parameters

Vaccine Storage Parameters

Access Anywhere

The Hemdahl Food Safety app is a great companion tool for Food Safety Professionals. It provides access to our database of recommended storage parameters for food products in your pocket.

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Reduced Reputational Risk

A single recall can do long-term damage to your company's reputation. Minimize risk by analyzing every single load.

Reduced Load Loss

Eliminate lost loads from your business by using our advanced analysis to highlight where problems are occuring and what to do about it.

Reduced Insurance

Reduce insurance premiums by demonstrating to your insurer how every single load is analyzed to prevent any safety issues from occurring.

Supply Chain Optimisation

An estimated 30% of food produced does not make it to the table. An estimated 25% of Pharma shipments experience temperature excursions in transit. Improve your supply chain to eliminate waste by analyzing every step of the cold chain.

Improved Food Safety

Our detailed analysis provides insights into issues that may affect product quality and food safety, allowing you to act to prevent a food safety issue before it occurs.

Reduced Risk

We analyze data for 7 different risk categories that can affect product quality and safety. And we can do this for every single load you ship.

Improved ROI

Improve the ROI on your telematics system by using data you already have to improve your supply chain operations. Leverage the real-world data in your telematics system to produce real-world savings.

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